About 关于我们

Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing Persahabatan Internasional Asia (STBA-PIA) or Asian International Friendship College (AIFC) in English is a foreign language college managed by Yayasan Pendidikan Nasional Sumatera Utara (YPNSU) and fully supported by Perhimpunan Masyarakat Indonesia Tionghua Sumatera Utara - Peduli Sosial dan Pendidikan (MITSU-PSP). YPNSU is determined to make STBA-PIA as a basis of Foreign Language Education in West Indonesia. The vision is also supported by the Native Speaker Lecturers from overseas.



History 校史

On December 26th, 2004 a devastating Tsunami struck Aceh and Nias causing a great damage and loss for the people.

Chinese Community of North Sumatra was compassionate to provide relief for the Tsunami victim in the two regions, and it prompted them to build better education in North Sumatra. This is initially started by establishing an association for Indonesian Chinese of North Sumatra (MITSU-PSP) devoted to social charity and education improvement.

The Sin Chew Foundation in Malaysia deeply care for the Tsunami victims and therefore mobilized the Sin Chew Daily faithful readers to provide financial contribution party for the victims relief and 4,5 millions of Malaysian Ringgit for the establishment of the college.

The establishment of this college reflects care, love, good deed of both Indonesian Chinese and those of Malaysian Chinese as well as good relationship among them, that has been build for a long time, and hence it was named:


Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing Persahabatan Internasional Asia


The goals of this college are:

  1. To provide access to education for the poor especially for the children of the Tsunami victims.
  2. To improve Chinese language development.


  1. 提供贫困子弟读书机会,特别是南亚海啸灾民。
  2. 推广华文教育。

May 27th, 2007:
The laying down of the corner stone of the building for the International Friendship of Asia College of Foreign Languages (STBA-PIA) was done.

June 2nd, 2007:
The Memorandum of Understanding for financial contribution between the Sin Chew Foundation and MITSU-PSP Association was signed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

August 20th, 2008:
Official announcement for the International Friendship of Asia College of Foreign Languages (STBA-PIA) was held.